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C# and .NET on Linux

C# on Linux exists for a long time, but many users are unaware of this. The languages that are used most today on Linux are still C, C++ and various scripting languages Python, Perl and Ruby. Miguel de Icaza, the founder of the Gnome Desktop, was the one who aimed to develop an open, crossplatform C# compiler and Common Language Runtime for Linux, Unix and macOS in 2001. The results suceeded in 2004 in the Mono Project1, which is an open implementation of ECMA-334 Standard2 which defines the C# language itself and the ECMA-335 Standard3 which defines a Common Language Infrastructure for different languages, such as C#.

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Atari 130XE - Teil 1

Anfang der 90’er Jahre bin ich mit einem C64 groß geworden - mein großer Bruder hatte ihn von irgendwoher mitgebracht - und war vom ersten Tag an gefesselt von dieser kleinen Maschine.

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Hugo, GitHub and forestry.io

To set up my personal Github pages, I decided to use a static site stack - sometimes called the JAMStack.

The idea is, instead of using a huge and slow CMS like WordPress or Drupal, to build a whole site of only static HTML and asset files. Neither the dynamic, server side rendering of the pages, nor a database is required.

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